Scandia Camp Mendocino
Roo Lester
Roo’s hallmarks include clear, positive teaching that incorporates background information, styling and technique and her ability to present the basic concepts of Scandinavian dance to dancers of all levels in a fun and lighthearted manner. She conducts workshops throughout the US, specializing in the turning dances of Norway and Sweden.

Roo Lester, a California native, began folk dancing as part of rainy day PE at school. Raised in what we call a multi-cultural family, she received an early introduction into varying cultural views. A college folk dance class led to a Masters in Dance, with a focus in Dance Ethnology, from UCLA.

Roo has been observing, learning and studying Scandinavian dance since she met the Hambo on the dance floor when she was in college. She began teaching Scandinavian dance after her first visit to the San Diego Folk Dance Conference where she met and studied with Ingvar and Jofrid Sodal. Her work in dance has taken many different paths, including teaching folk dance in public schools, dance camps and workshops, performing in and choreographing for performance groups, and directing dance camps.

Since 1983 Roo has traveled extensively in Scandinavia studying dance and participating in dance and music events including testing her skills and dancing in courses and competitions. Roo received her Big Silver medal in Swedish polska dancing and continues testing the additional dances offered for those who have achieved their 'Big Silver' medal.

Scandinavian Dance Fundamentals will introduce newer dancers to the fundamental skills of successful turning dancing and partnering. More experienced dancers will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

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