Scandia Camp Mendocino
Karin Code
Karin Loberg Code, a life-long string player, began intense study of the hardingfele, or Harding fiddle, in 1990. Today, Karin is a respected dance fiddler who has lived two years in Norway, playing for weekly dance groups in Oslo and meeting with master fiddlers. As an American fiddler, she has been on staff, along with Norwegian-born artists, at numerous festivals and workshops in the US. Her first CD, "Norsk Spring Dance," is widely used in this country and in Norway for folk dance accompaniment. Her newest CD, "Harding Tones" features both solo work and the premiere recording of the newly created Harding Quartet.

Karin Loberg Code, was recently named as one of America's "foremost Norwegian Harding fiddlers" in Norway's premiere folk music journal, Spelemannsbladet. She has twice lived in Norway and has been awarded several grants, including ones from the Norway-America Association, American-Scandinavian Foundation, and the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo for intensive study of the Harding fiddle or hardingfele. While in Norway she was invited to play for two bi-monthly folk dance groups in Oslo-a rare distinction for a foreigner in this conservative milieu; performed at national and regional competitions; appeared on Norwegian State Radio and Radio Norway International; and performed for dance courses, concerts, and other special events. As an American fiddler, Karin has been on staff along with Norwegian-born artists at numerous festivals and workshops in this country, including Nordic Fiddles and Feet, Springdans Northwest in Seattle, Scandia Camp Mendocino in California, Folklore Village Farm Workshops in Wisconsin, Julian Festival near San Diego and the Hardanger Fiddle Association's Annual Workshops in Minnesota and continues to perform and teach at important folk music and dance events. In 2002, she was invited to teach and perform at two events in Norway: the International Workshops in Stavanger, and Norwegian Folk Music Week in Ål. Her first CD "Norsk Spring Dance" is widely used in this country for folk dance accompaniment. Her second CD "Harding Tones" was recently released and includes premiere recordings of a harding quartet. She frequently gives formal recitals and lectures about the hardingfele. Karin's musical training and degree are in viola performance from the University of Illinois. She currently teaches violin and viola, is a free-lancer with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, and teaches as part of the Lincoln Center Institute's Aesthetic Education program.

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