Scandia Camp Mendocino
Camilla Idh
Camilla had as 8 year old girl a dream of winning H*älsingehambon and one day in July 2004 it was time to step up at the top of the podium together with Magnus.

Camilla appeared in the video documentation of Hälsinge Dances 1999.

Camilla and Magnus have offered many courses in hambo and polskor since they started to dance together 2002. Both have big silver for polska dancing.

What drives Camilla and Magnus to development are that they are never really satisfied "everything could be better and easier" but the main key is always to have fun.

Camilla, Magnus and Andreas have held courses together on occasions in Sweden which have been well appreciated. The dance and the music has become very tight.

photos provided by the artist (click to enlarge)