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Josefina Paulson


Josefina Paulson has played the nyckelharpa since 1992 and is a sought-after nyckelharpa teacher in Sweden and elsewhere in the world. She has been developing a deep knowledge of the traditional music from Västmanland, the area where she grew up. She has attended the one-year course at the Eric Sahlström Institute and has a Bachelors in Music from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. In 2008, she became a Riksspelman on nyckelharpa. She was nominated as artist of the year at the 2016 Folk and World Music Gala and received the title "World Champion of Modern Nyckelharpa" when she won the competition VM in nyckelharpa at Österbybruk in 2016.

Josefina will teach three Nyckelharpa classes.




Photo: Sascha Kajic
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