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Elise Tegnér

Elise Tegnér is a fiddle player from Drøbak, in the south-east part of Norway. She has a bachelor's degree in Norwegian Folk Music Performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music and plays both the Hardanger Fiddle and regular fiddle. She has studied a wide range of Norwegian fiddle traditions from different parts of Norway, but has specialized in the folk music material from her home area, such as Finnskogspols tunes and tunes from Akershus and Østfold.

Although Elise is a full-time consultant, working with geographical data on IT platforms, she continues to regularly play fiddle for dancers. She plays for competitions, courses and for folk dance parties. What she enjoys the most is to play for dancers, making the music "swing" and spreading happiness and joy through her music.

Elise will play for the Finnskogspols classes.

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