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Anbjørg Myhra Bergwitz and Audun Grüner-Hegge

Anbjørg Myhra Bergwitz is a renowned folkdancer from Tønsberg, Norway. She has been dancing all her life, having been born into a family of dancers. Anbjørg is a fun, skilled dance teacher, who has taught in a number of countries.


She has participated in a variety of different national talent programs as a dancer. In addition, she has also organized festivals and championships throughout Norway. She is first and foremost a master of diverse Norwegian dance styles, being one of only a few A-class dancers competing in both the regular fiddle and Hardanger fiddle categories.

Audun Grüner-Hegge started dancing when he was 5 years old. He was part of the Norwegian Folk museum dance group performing at local venues and competing internationally. He advanced into the professional level of the national dance scene in his twenties. In 2012 he participated in the Norwegian national championship with his partner, Anbjørg Myhra Bergwitz, qualifying for the A-class that they later won on their first attempt in 2015. He has also participated in several national talent programs. In recent years he has been focused on teaching the Finnskogspols to a variety of dance students in Norway and abroad.

Audun and Anbjørg will teach Polsdans fra Finnskogen (Finnskogspols).

Photo: Runhild Heggem

Photo: Runhild Heggem/FolkOrg

Photo: Knut Utler

Photo: Knut Utler
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