Scandia Camp Mendocino
About the Camp
Since its founding in 1980, Scandia Camp Mendocino has offered a yearly week-long immersive experience in the folk dance and music culture of Scandinavia, primarily of Norway and Sweden. The week includes daily dance and music classes, culture sessions, singing and craft classes as well as music ensemble sessions (Group Playing - Allspel/Samspel) to practice commonly known tunes to play at every evening's dance party. The redwood forest of the Mendocino Woodlands has always provided a magical setting for learning.

Scandia Camp Mendocino takes place in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands. Giant redwoods, a sunny meadow, a beaver pond, and numerous paths through the woods surround the village-like setting. The camp is approximately ten miles inland from the picturesque town of Mendocino, and about a four-hour drive north of San Francisco. The climate is mild. Pets are not permitted.

We invite you to take a few moments to read a short history of the Mendocino Woodlands. This very unique and well-loved camp is in a special redwood forest with historic buildings.


Rustic wooden cabins are clustered in three groups. Each cabin has a fireplace, small closet, cots with mattresses and a balcony. There is no plumbing, electricity or heat in the cabins. Each cluster of cabins has a central bathroom/shower building. The bathroom/shower buildings have lights, electrical outlets, showers, a washtub, and hot water.

Usually, one couple or two singles or a requested grouping of family/friends (maximum of four individuals) are housed in each cabin.


Our camp has a reputation for wonderful food! Count on three nutritious meals a day plus between-meal snacks, with fresh vegetables and fruits, choice meat and fresh fish. Some meals feature Scandinavian menus, while others are developed by our chef and may include other ethnic foods.

Vegetarians can be accommodated. You can include other dietary restrictions on the Camper Information Form after you register. If the information is received by May 1st, we will do our best to accommodate special diets, however we cannot guarantee that all individual dietary issues will be met.

Food in the pictures are from past years and may not be served this year.

Dance Hall:

The Dance Hall at the Mendocino Woodlands has a beautiful wood floor and is used for a variety of activities, including dance classes, culture sessions, singing classes, and some music jams. Evening dance parties take place here as well.


The Lounge is one of two wings of the Kitchen/Dining Hall building at Camp 1. This area is used in a variety of ways. Daily announcements, scrapbooks from past years and a resource book can be found in the Lounge. Many of Scandia Camp's music classes and the Group Playing (Allspel/Samspel) practice take place in the Lounge during the course of the day.

Participants may chose to gather here for a Happy 1/2 hour before dinner is served. The lounge has a fire-place. It is a cozy location for early morning coffee and tea, or late- night music jams, often attended by dancers still wanting to dance or sit by the fire and listen to the late-night music.

Dining Hall:

The other wing of the Kitchen/Dining Hall building is the Dining Hall. It is set up with tables and benches and is used for meals throughout the week. For those who want to eat a meal outdoors, Pinsker Grove is just out the back door of the Dining Hall.

During the mornings, we have music classes here as well. The Dining Hall is festively decorated for the banquet.

Outdoor Gathering Places:

Scandia Camp Mendocino holds some gatherings outdoors in a variety of locations, such as the lovely Pinsker Grove.

Pinsker Grove is a pleasant outdoor meeting place for dining, snacking, visiting and enjoying rays of sun shining down through the redwood trees. Many campers chose to eat some of their meals outside in Pinsker Grove. The silent auction, camp market, some jam sessions and the welcome session also occur in Pinsker Grove.

Mid-morning and evening snacks are frequently provided outside the Dance Hall. Some campers like to gather in the Amphitheater. Periodically, some classes spontaneously decide to migrate to an outside location.