Scandia Camp Mendocino
About the Camp

Since its founding in 1980, Scandia Camp Mendocino has offered a yearly week-long immersive experience in the folk dance and music culture of Scandinavia, primarily of Norway and Sweden. The week includes daily dance and music classes, culture sessions, singing and craft classes as well as music ensemble sessions (Group Playing - Allspel/Samspel) to practice commonly known tunes to play at every evening’s dance party. The redwood forest of the Mendocino Woodlands has always provided a magical setting for learning. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scandia Camp Mendocino is virtual this year, with a shorter, four-day program via Zoom, June 11-14, 2021.

Mendocino Woodlands, Camp 1:
The redwood forest of the Mendocino Woodlands, east of the coastal town of Mendocino, is the location for Scandia Camp.

Dance Hall:
The Dance Hall at the Mendocino Woodlands, Camp 1, has a beautiful wood floor and is used for a variety of activities, including the various dance classes, culture sessions and singing classes. Daily dance parties and the evening music jam (sometimes) take place here as well.

The Lounge is one of two wings of the Kitchen/Dining Hall building at Camp 1. When we attend Scandia Camp in person, arriving campers check in here for information, including their cabin assignment and the camp syllabus. Many of Scandia Camp’s music classes and the Group Playing (Allspel/Samspel) practice take place in the Lounge during the course of the day. Participants gather here for a Happy ½ hour before dinner is served. The lounge has a fire-place. It is a cozy location for early morning coffee and tea, or late-night music jams, often attended by dancers still wanting to dance or sit by the fire and listen to the late-night music.

Dining Hall:
The other wing of the Kitchen/Dining Hall building is the Dining Hall. This is set up with tables and benches and is used for meals throughout the week. During the mornings, we have music classes here as well.

Pinsker Grove:
This is a pleasant outdoor meeting place for dining, snacking, visiting and enjoying rays of sun shining down through the redwood trees.